A Safety Accessory for Any Leash

Los Angeles/New York/San Francisco

Rocco's Response To COVID-19

For use with Retractable and Cloth leashes!


Safety Dog Leash Mission Statement


Ours is a simple story... A husband and wife who have always wanted to help people.

Ironically, it started out a few years ago helping a rescue dog! Ultimately this pooch is leading us to help humans!  We happily rescued this cute dog on the very day he was being taken to the veterinarian to be put down!


A few months after getting Rocco, while we were walking him, we lost our grip of the leash.  A boy stopped him a few houses away from a busy intersection and we knew we wouldn’t be taking our dog for another walk without securing the leash to our wrist.


Being asked to be in the 2019 Oscar and Grammy swag bags allowed us to move this wonderful hands-free attachment to any leash, out of obscurity and into the marketplace.  We feel that all things happen for a reason and helping dogs and their walkers with a safety device is thankfully helping us to help people! Now, we respectfully ask (nothing monetary) for your help to help us, help others.


We are determined to have the final assembly process of the Safety Dog Leash done by our Seniors and our Veterans in their various assisted-living facilities and provide them with additional revenue and just to help keeping them busy in their situations.  We would like all those great people to place and sign an “Assembled by“ card in each bag!


As mentioned, to help others and to that end, we will be donating 50% of all of our revenues to various charities worldwide and no longer be “wannabe” philanthropists but to be in a position to actually practice philanthropy. This product will satisfy our desires!  We cannot do that alone and hope that you will embrace our mission, our story and our product and therefore ask if you would find it in the kindness of your heart to be willing to spread the word through your social media platforms and please "SHARE" and #SafetyDogLeash and our Mission Statement.


To complete our story, we have taken on our only equity partner through a situation that came to us after two teenage boys lost both their parents just a few years apart. Our product was brought to their terminal father’s attention and, wanting to invest in something worthwhile for his boys, he conferred with them and their trustee and we were honored that after his passing, they indeed joined us at Safety Dog


We thank you in advance for spreading the good things we both wish to do with our “start up” and for helping us see our philanthropic desires come to fruition.



Blessings, Richard and Christina Sargis



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or contact us at 209 668-7063

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Please share this fun parody video!
Please share this fun parody video!