A Safety Accessory for Any Leash

Allows You The Use Of Both Hands

Love for Rocco


 Richard and his wife Christina have had a dog in their lives for 25 years and up until 2014 when their dog kept getting away from Richard's often arthritic hand, he made it his mission to develop a product to allow temporary release of the necessary firm grip with the holding of a retractable leash. He created this safety device and after a year of developing and testing, the Safety Dog Leash was born.


The couple has many other patents and products but none have been as rewarding from a safety standpoint as the Safety Dog Leash!


Customer Testimonials



-- When our dog got away from us while walking her, someone also walking their dog in our neighborhood saw our mad scramble to grab that retractable leash sliding down the street. After we finally chased her down, they caught up to us and showed us their Safety Dog Leash. We ordered ours the next day! Jed and Julie - California


-- I was struggling with all the jerkiness and having to hold on so tight to the retractable leash for my 50 pound pound dog, Rocco, I finally remembered seeing the advertisement about this wrist attachment to a leash. It's so less stressful now being able to occasionally release the handle from my grip! It's been over three months and I can't leave without it for our walks. - Jasmine R


-- This safety attachment is so simple to use and is especially great when I get texts and need to use both hands. Now I can comfortably and safely release the handle from my grip to text. C. Kevorkian - San Diego


-- I was one of the many people that the inventor had asked to do testing with for a six-month period and now I simply must have it when I walk our forever tugging Doberman around the block at night. Nini - Central Valley, California