A Safety Accessory for Any Leash

                Press Release.                               2/1/19

The “Everyone Wins“ Nominee Gift Bags are NOT affiliated in any way with the OSCARS® or the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.  A. M. P. A. S. does not award, sponsor, endorse or provide these Gift Bags.  Neither the Academy nor Distinctive Assets wants there to be any association in the media between the “Everyone Wins” Gift Bags and the OSCARS® or the Academy.


We are proud to be a part of the acclaimed “Everyone Wins" gift bags honoring the year's best and brightest stars.  A tradition for nearly two decades, these swag bags are to be given to nominees in the major acting and directing categories and are provided independently by Distinctive Assets based in Los Angeles California, the heart of Hollywood's film industry.


As a California based business in the small dairy community of Hilmar, we are proud to unveil our patent pending, Safety Dog Leash product with this great opportunity as we hope to gain exposure and provide awareness to dog lovers worldwide that will understand the value of attaching our product to their wrist to protect their dogs while walking them!


Please visit our website for more information in the ABOUT tab, regarding this potentially life-saving item at  Enjoy our lighthearted video presentation on the homepage, "Things NOT to Do With Your Safety Dog Leash!" we hope to see go viral, and our other videos for any future segments!


Sharing some additional information as a human interest story beyond the above, we wish it to be known that we have specific plans to bring this start up business out of obscurity and into the marketplace with our assembly process to eventually be exclusively assembled by our senior citizens in assisted living facilities as well as our brave veterans that are going through various rehabilitation and therapy at veterans hospitals nationwide.  We wish for them to enjoy the assembly process and with that, a renewed sense of purpose as well as a means to constructively pass time and to enjoy the extra money we will be providing them for their assembly efforts!  With that hoped for plan, we also will encourage these wonderful seniors and veterans alike, to sign a personalized, "Made in the USA by..." card, which will be placed with their assembled leash packaging.


We are the typical All American, small business story based out of what used to be our garage in our very small community in central California.  We are elated to have developed this product not only for our dog, but to realize we will help save other dogs from possible tragedy that we nearly experienced after losing control of the grip on our hand held leash while walking our dog, Rocco, a couple of years ago.  Now there is zero chance of a losing control of our dog ever again.



A huge bonus in having this product was found after we tested it for over a year where we discovered it allowed for hands-free capabilities to adjust one’s hat, tie a shoe, use a cell phone, a doggie poop bag and simply allow use of both hands freely with the leash dangling securely from the wrist of the dog walker.  It also provided a means to safely attach the leash to any inanimate object; a chair or rail while seated outside at a restaurant; a fence, bike rack, etc.  It is most widely used for texting and allows for winter walking comfort given the fact that both hands could be placed in one’s pockets, letting the dog leash dangle safely at the same time!


We have had discussions with various sports celebrities and hope to attach a respected name to our product in the near future.  We look forward to enhancing the lives and providing profits to the veterans and seniors as our social media campaign will be kicked off with this exposure opportunity. (A recent contact with producers for a new inventor series on the Paramount Network, formally Spike TV, for a segment with a new reality series, was discussed in January of this year as well.)


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